Get Skinny with Healthy Fats

Fat content plays a significant role in your weight gain that is why it’s a common misconception that everything has to be completely fat-free for it to be considered healthy. The truth is we need to consume an adequate amount of good fats to have a balanced diet, well-functioning body, and healthy weight reduction. It is essential that you become very keen on the type of fat that your food contains.

You should stay away from saturated or trans-fat, especially the artificial kind which is hydrogenated fat. The latter can be found in food that has been processed or fried. It is an ingredient that helps lengthen the shelf life of mass-produced goods that you find in the grocery. Hydrogenated fat is known to increase cholesterol levels that cause life-threatening ailments such as heart conditions. Thus, you should make it a habit to always check the nutrition facts so that you may be aware of those items that are potentially poisonous to your well-being. Also, try to prepare food and drinks at home instead so you know what exactly goes into your system. It is important to note that meat and dairy contain some saturated fat, which is why you should never over do them as well.
The best way to incorporate healthy fats into your diet is by eating oily fish, nuts, and avocados. They naturally contain these fats which are recommended to keep your body at its best. In terms of weight loss, good fats increase your metabolism so you burn more, balance your hormones so you can recover from weight training or extensive workout, reduce inflammation, and curb your appetite so you ingest less junk. It also helps improve your overall wellness since it supports better brain function so you can still focus on school or work, prevents depression, promotes stronger bones and healthy heart, and reduces cancer risks.
The moral here is the importance of health and wellness education. You must thoroughly study your food and your body’s needs in order to shed pounds successfully. Knowledge also helps you maintain this lifestyle for good since you’re aware of how things work and you’re not just on a crazy fad diet that only ruins your system. Therefore, don’t be afraid of fats because some of them are your friends. Embrace them into your diet and for sure you’re going to see the results that you dream of.

4 Easy Steps to Kill the Cravings

One of the many reasons why we tend to go back to our old habits or likings is its sense of security that subconsciously envelopes us. In relation to healthy eating, we often times feel the need to give in to our favorite sweets and salty snacks. Nevertheless, it does not mean that we should allow ourselves to be controlled by thoughts that would do no good – which is why I created these simple methods that will suppress your crazy cravings and prevent you from wanting more junk.

Go minty
Right after eating, make sure to drink, eat, or gargle something that has peppermint flavor. The fresh taste and scent eliminate oils and traces of what you just ate. It also floods your senses to signal that you’ve consumed enough already. Peppermint is a natural suppressant as well so feel free to drink it before, after, or in between meals.

Kiss of sweetness
If you’re craving for dessert, all you have to do is to take a spoonful of it and slowly savor the textures and flavors. Doing such will satisfy your brain without having to sacrifice so many calories. Fruits are also a good alternative to those who have a sweet tooth. It’s all natural and loaded with nutrients to sustain your body’s needs. Another great option is dark chocolate since it is rich in antioxidants and it helps prevent heart disease.

Get crazy with cayenne
You can add cayenne on your meals or drinks to help curb your appetite, boost your metabolism, strengthen your immunity and promote your digestion. It also stimulates intestinal peristaltic motion which helps in nutrient absorption and waste elimination. Cayenne is basically a super food that you can easily get a hold of and incorporate with whatever you’re ingesting.

Crisp your veggies
For those who just love fries and chips, an awesome alternative to feeding your craving is baking your veggies to crispy perfection. However, you would want to avoid starchy vegetables such as potato. You can use green leafy vegetables such as kale, or other root crops such as thinly sliced sweet potato. Just make sure to dry them completely and put a tiny bit of oil so you could achieve your desired texture. Once cooked, you can lightly season them with salt and you’re good to go.

Allowing yourself to indulge a little helps you stay in this lifestyle. It is essential however that you take extra precaution in doing so because you might end up having too much. The key is to program your mind in believing that you don’t need to go back to your old ways just to feel sustained. Embrace this mental and spiritual challenge.

4 Common Diet Mistakes to Avoid

We tend to invest so much on buying healthier food options and dietary supplements and expect results instantly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way because there are a couple of important mental notes that we need to remember to make our diet more effective.

Cheat Days
Although it’s good to reward yourself from time to time, it’s never a great idea to waste all the effort that you’ve done for the entire week to one day of binge eating. Let’s say you managed to cut off 3500 calories from Monday to Saturday then you celebrate that achievement by having a cheat day. Note that you could easily consume that same amount or even more within that celebration of yours. It’s good as not exercising or dieting at all. In order to avoid this mishap, you can indulge a little by incorporating some tasty ingredients to your meals, like a tablespoon of chocolate syrup on your paleo pancakes. If you’re craving for the real junk stuff, you can have it as long as you have extra calories or if you are able to burn them. Note that you still can’t consume as much as you desire. Count the serving because you only need a little to get over your craving.
Wasting Calories
Don’t use up your remaining calories to worthless junk that doesn’t make you full and has very little to no nutritional value in it. People say that you shouldn’t drink your calories. I firmly believe the opposite because there are healthy meal substitutes in liquid forms such as protein shakes, green smoothies, and healthy juices. Just make sure to still measure all the ingredients because you can easily have too much sugar from fruits you’ve juiced or blended.
Skipping Meals
You can slow down your metabolism by not eating regularly. In addition, you don’t have to have a heavy breakfast because once you’ve started ingesting – you’ll keep on going for the rest of the day. What you can do is to just consume a light healthy breakfast to wake your system up and prepare your body for the rest of the day. After 2-3 hours, you can have a morning snack to add some more sustenance to your body.
Eating Crazy after Exercise
Even though you’re really burned out and famished, never give in to trashy food in huge quantities right after your work out. It’s great if you prepare food ahead of time so you can consume it right away if you’re feeling low in energy. You don’t necessarily have to purchase post-work out formula or supplements. What you can do is whip up a snack, drink, or meal that is rich in protein so you could build muscle and become full instantly.
Remember that there is no quick fix in this journey. A consistent and healthy diet that is accompanied by enough cardio and weight training will surely give you a sexy, toned, and strong body that you’ve been dying to have.