The Truth about Losing Weight

Our generation is so blinded by what the media feeds us. With regards to fitness, it’s a difficult and contradicting message for the public to absorb. Advertisements show us models that are skinny and buff, yet fast food companies also take the stage and lure us with their mouth-watering burgers and subs. This subconsciously influences how we look after our bodies. We want to enjoy dirt but we die to look like a diamond. We think that there’s a quick solution to everything, like pills that promise to melt away our fats without having to give up greasy and sugary foods. It’s saddening that a lot of people are still trapped in this horrible cycle, which is why I came up with four simple tips that could help you to finally break free.

Stop being impatient
The internet is full of false promises on fast weight loss. We have to understand that bodies vary and the outcome of several people will not be the same for many. One simple step that you could do is research how much calories you should burn in a week to lose a pound – in relation to your current body weight, age, gender, and height. After which, you should set goals that are challenging yet feasible. Remember that this journey should be taken one day at a time. If you feel like giving up, just reminisce those moments where you feel ashamed or disgusted with your body. Use that horrible memory to push yourself to change for the better.
Know better
It is also crucial that you go beyond looking good and aim for long term wellness. Those immediate slim down methods will do you more harm than good. Extreme starvation will decrease your metabolism, so once you’re done with the program and start eating normally again, you’ll rapidly gain back the weight and perhaps even more. Hence the right way is to change your lifestyle completely so you don’t just healthily drop the pounds, but you also get to keep it off.
Keep it real
Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle can be grueling, that is why you should take it at a pace that you’re comfortable with. You can start working out for just 10 minutes in the first day then gradually work your way up as you incorporate more strenuous activities. As for your diet, you can begin by simply cutting out junk food and soda. You essentially have to count your calories as well. It can also help you identify what type of foods or drinks contribute greatly to your diet so you can either eliminate it or take it in smaller amounts.
Quit slacking
Some people would say that losing weight is too much work and that they don’t have the time for it. The thing is, you should make time for it! Better stop slacking if you want to see results because in the end – it’ll be you who’s going to regret everything that you’ve failed to do. Why choose to be fat when you could be in a way better shape. Just remember to always put your mind over matter.
We can achieve more by being true to ourselves. As much as we want to take the ideal route, we have to be realistic so we can stay in the program for good. We must quit being puppets of consumerism and start acting as responsible care takers of our own and of this world.

Three Reasons Why Music Helps You Shed Pounds

Believe it or not but everything around you can contribute to your weight loss. A simple TV commercial can trigger your craving for fast food. On the other hand, a “before and after” weight loss vlog you watch online can inspire you to push harder. The lesson here is to put into good use all the resources that could possibly help you in your journey. Music is one of the best tools that you could effectively use for melting away the flab. Here are three reasons why you should treat music as your work out buddy.

Serves as a distraction

If you’re like me who gets bored from repetitive movements in the machine, then I highly suggest that you bring in some cool beats to pump up the mood. Music makes forget about time, thus you tend to go longer and work harder. Music can also save you from just staring blankly and watching other people around me move monotonously since it tickles your mind and brings your imagination into a different place. The song might trigger nostalgia or wishful thinking which distracts you from what you’re actually doing.

Gets you in the zone

Calming music, for example, helps you fully appreciate yoga. It adds to the whole experience of inner peace and tranquillity. And since you’re so absorbed in the moment, it feels like every movement is a special spiritual connection that you do with your mind and body. This allows you to not only improve your form but helps you burn fatter as well. While you’re in the zone, you escape reality and the pressures of life so you can focus and get the most from your work out. So make sure to plug your earphones and listen to music that’s appropriate for your exercise.

Makes you excited

Working out can be more enjoyable with great music. You can either pick up the pace or dance to it. You can even turn up the volume a little to make you less conscious that your neighbors or family members might hear you breathe rapidly or groan in pain during your exercise.

Listening to music has been proven to improve mental health. Always remember that for you reach your weight loss goal, you must have a strong, happy, and motivated mind. This brings us to conclude that you should definitely utilize music to your advantage by making dreadful work out seem more interesting and fun.

Inspirational Weight Loss Prep for Beginners

Before you begin your journey, it is necessary that you prepare a couple of things that can help you transition towards better living. Weight loss is not all about the diet and exercise because you have to have a proper mindset as well.

Take photos and measurements

Make sure to list down all the measurements, both weight, and size, that you want to target. Then don’t be afraid to take pictures ad well so you can visually see the difference because the numbers are not everything. Another great idea is to take a photo with clothing that you don’t fit in well. As you progress, take photos in different angles while wearing the same outfit. This helps you compare things more clearly. Don’t forget to record your measurements too so you have a better grasp of which areas you need to work harder on. This method helps you see the prize for your hard work. It’s great to feed your mind with this good news so you don’t give up.

Keep your ugly snaps

It is wise that you keep photos that you really dislike on your phone or computer. You can simply look at it whenever you’re feeling down or discouraged. Don’t be depressed of your current physique, instead, you should embrace it and use it as your motivation to change for the better. Remember all the negative feelings that you have for those photos and allow it to sink into your mind so you could ask yourself if you want to keep looking and feeling like this. Also, think about your health in general, your loved ones, and everything that you’ve been missing out. Program your mind to never go back to what you used to be. If progress seems slow, tell yourself that it’s fine because at least you’re one step closer to your goal today that yesterday.

Make realistic goals

Having feasible weight loss objectives allow you to stay in the program. You need to understand that you just don’t melt the fats in a snap. Others might burn more quickly that you do, but you shouldn’t feel disheartened about it at all. It helps if you know your body and limitations so you can adjust what workout routine and diet works best for you.

Manage your schedule
You should definitely plan ahead your daily routine so you don’t miss out on the important components and events of your life. The key is to never use the schedule as an excuse for not exercising because if you really want to see improvements, you have to make time for it. It is vital that you incorporate the good amount of rest as well so you can have the energy to complete all your tasks, avoid binge eating, and keep your sanity.
Be equipped before you enter into battle because your weight loss journey is no joke. A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body, so be sure to follow these easy steps so you can successfully reach your goal.