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Proper Food Combination Tips

A common diet misconception is that you can just eat whatever as long as it’s healthy and calorie counted. Truth is, you shouldn’t stop by measuring and making healthy options because little do you know that proper food combination also affects your weight loss. The key point to remember is that our body digests foods and drinks differently, thus it is essential that you know the types of food that should and should not go together because poor combination makes you bloat.

Separate meat and starch

The most common food combination mistake is meat and starch. Although it tastes good because the hearty viand complements the mellow tasting starch such as rice and mashed potatoes, the problem is that meat takes longer to break down so when your stomach is done digesting starch, the grain cannot proceed to the intestines since it’s stuck with the meat.

Single out the fruit

Another important tip to remember is that fruit always go first and is best when eaten alone. A great way to boost your morning is homemade fruit salad. It gives you sugar and tons of vitamins and minerals to improve your immunity and organ function.

Go crazy with greens

Leafy greens on the other hand must always be present in your meals. Swap your starch with a tasty and nourishing salad instead. Of course, preparation cannot be limited to salads. Make some crispy kale chips or healthy Mexican vegetable wraps.

Remember the 234 time lengths

Before you consume another type of food, be sure to wait an adequate amount of time to allow the previous food to exit the stomach. What you need to remember is that fruits take 2 hours, starch in 3 hours, and meat in 4 hours. This method will surely keep you full throughout the day without having to feel bloated and uncomfortable.

These are just the basic ideas that you should remember since optimum food combination is much more technical. I suggest that you try these simple methods first then you can upgrade to the more complex version.

4 Common Diet Mistakes to Avoid

We tend to invest so much on buying healthier food options and dietary supplements and expect results instantly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way because there are a couple of important mental notes that we need to remember to make our diet more effective.

Cheat Days
Although it’s good to reward yourself from time to time, it’s never a great idea to waste all the effort that you’ve done for the entire week to one day of binge eating. Let’s say you managed to cut off 3500 calories from Monday to Saturday then you celebrate that achievement by having a cheat day. Note that you could easily consume that same amount or even more within that celebration of yours. It’s good as not exercising or dieting at all. In order to avoid this mishap, you can indulge a little by incorporating some tasty ingredients to your meals, like a tablespoon of chocolate syrup on your paleo pancakes. If you’re craving for the real junk stuff, you can have it as long as you have extra calories or if you are able to burn them. Note that you still can’t consume as much as you desire. Count the serving because you only need a little to get over your craving.
Wasting Calories
Don’t use up your remaining calories to worthless junk that doesn’t make you full and has very little to no nutritional value in it. People say that you shouldn’t drink your calories. I firmly believe the opposite because there are healthy meal substitutes in liquid forms such as protein shakes, green smoothies, and healthy juices. Just make sure to still measure all the ingredients because you can easily have too much sugar from fruits you’ve juiced or blended.
Skipping Meals
You can slow down your metabolism by not eating regularly. In addition, you don’t have to have a heavy breakfast because once you’ve started ingesting – you’ll keep on going for the rest of the day. What you can do is to just consume a light healthy breakfast to wake your system up and prepare your body for the rest of the day. After 2-3 hours, you can have a morning snack to add some more sustenance to your body.
Eating Crazy after Exercise
Even though you’re really burned out and famished, never give in to trashy food in huge quantities right after your work out. It’s great if you prepare food ahead of time so you can consume it right away if you’re feeling low in energy. You don’t necessarily have to purchase post-work out formula or supplements. What you can do is whip up a snack, drink, or meal that is rich in protein so you could build muscle and become full instantly.
Remember that there is no quick fix in this journey. A consistent and healthy diet that is accompanied by enough cardio and weight training will surely give you a sexy, toned, and strong body that you’ve been dying to have.