Simple and Cheap Tricks to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

If your excuse in not living healthily is financed, then I’m about to prove you wrong. You don’t have to invest in going to the gym or buying exotic super foods because losing weight is actually pretty basic. All you have to do is to remember a couple of extremely doable steps which you could still apply in the long run.

Drink at least two liters of water a day

Fill containers that sum up to two containers so you can visually identify your goal for the day. If you’re at school or work, just bring one bottle/tumbler as long as you know the exact amount of liquid it can contain so you could refill it until you reach the required amount. Aside from making you feel full, it will also help flush out toxins. Keeping yourself hydrated will also reduce bloating and water retention because your body does not have to extract fluids from the food you eat.

Watch exercise videos online

You can easily get access to workout videos for free on the internet. You’ll get a variety of exercises such as HIIT, yoga, and dance. It’s recommended that you switch up your workout and challenge yourself more each day so that your body would continue burning calories. Also, you can effortlessly pause them if you need rest. It is vital that you listen to your body but also make sure to challenge it as well. If doesn’t have a constant internet source then just watch a couple and remember the steps. Be sure to make notes on how it’s properly done.

Consume high protein meals and snacks

Don’t fret if you can’t afford to buy expensive protein powder or bars. It’s always better to go all natural by eating tons of lean meat and other foods that are the high protein such as beans and tofu. It helps fill you up so you would eat fewer calories. Protein also builds muscles which burn fat and prevents saggy skin as you slim down. If you work out, you’ll surely look more toned and muscular with the protein boost.

Sleep more

Make sure to sleep at least 6-8 hours a day so that you have enough energy for all your activities. However, it is important that you do not abuse sleep because you wouldn’t burn what you’ve consumed. You simply have to get up, do some chores, work out, or even meet some friends.

Never skip meals

It is essential that keep your stamina up and stabilize your blood sugar by eating regularly. Eat five to six small meals or three balanced meals a day. Don’t be tempted to do the shortcut in losing weight because for sure, the weight is going to rush back once you start eating regular food again. Also, avoid eating late in the evening since it can cause indigestion and sleep issues.

Measure what you consume

Keeping track of all the food and drinks you ingest is one of the most effective ways to melt the pounds away. You can easily download free apps that help calculate your required caloric intake. It also shows the maximum amount fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, and sodium that you’re allowed for the day. This method also helps you understand the importance of having a balanced nutrition. You can’t just binge on yogurt alone since its healthy. If you are not able to get a hold of these apps then you can simply check the label and write it down.

Keep in mind that in life it is not about how much resources you should acquire but it’s how you make the most of what you currently have. This applies to healthy living as well because contrary to the common notion, keeping this lifestyle does not have to be expensive. As long as you have the commitment and drive to keep pushing, you’ll definitely find a way to work things out.

Oolong: A Great Diet Aid

The purpose of healthy eating should not be restricted to weight loss and muscle toning. It’s better if we would aim to improve the overall wellness of our body. To achieve this, it is recommended that we shy away from processed food and drinks that contain tons of ingredients that only poison our body. You might say that this lifestyle is too demanding and that “you only live once” so you’d rather enjoy than restricting yourself. Well it is partially true but you should understand that – you don’t only live once, you only die once.

This is where natural and organic ingredients such as teas come into play. Teas come in four different types – Green, Black, White, and Oolong. Each contains exceptional nourishing and healing powers that attend to our bodily needs. The most unique among this selection is Oolong. You might be surprised by the remarkable benefits that Oolong tea has to offer. It might be an underdog against Green tea in terms of weight-loss popularity, but I can guarantee that it’s one of the best teas that you could feed your body. Oolong tea is a hybrid between Black and Green tea since its leaves are not completely oxidized. Hence, this special concoction contains twice as much health benefits compared to other teas.
The active ingredient in Oolong is the polyphenol compound. It improves your metabolism and rids free-radicals, therefore it does not only melt away the fats but helps prevent diseases as well. Based on research, individuals who drink full strength Oolong increase their fat oxidation/fat burning by 12%. Constant consumption is proven to also increase energy and stamina.
A great way to prepare this is to put a couple of bags in a large bottle so you can just refill and consume it like water. Another fun way to drink it is to add some non-fat milk, natural sweeteners, and flavors like honey and vanilla. It’s a great pick-me-up before your yoga or walk. You can also kill sweet cravings by with the help of Oolong to limit your daily intake of sugar.
Regular consumption of Oolong also decreases your chance of stroke, diabetes, arthritis and even cancer. In fact, it is even advised to patients with Type 2 diabetes as a supplementary medicine because of its wonderful properties that heal the human body. It’s loaded with anti-oxidants which make your skin glow. These antioxidants also help avoid osteoporosis, tooth decay, and abnormal bone growth.
Oolong is indeed a super-food! So next time you drop by the grocery, make sure to purchase this amazing herbal drink. With Oolong, you can be certain that you wouldn’t just look good, but feel good as well. Be in your best condition so that you can live to the fullest.

Proper Food Combination Tips

A common diet misconception is that you can just eat whatever as long as it’s healthy and calorie counted. Truth is, you shouldn’t stop by measuring and making healthy options because little do you know that proper food combination also affects your weight loss. The key point to remember is that our body digests foods and drinks differently, thus it is essential that you know the types of food that should and should not go together because poor combination makes you bloat.

Separate meat and starch

The most common food combination mistake is meat and starch. Although it tastes good because the hearty viand complements the mellow tasting starch such as rice and mashed potatoes, the problem is that meat takes longer to break down so when your stomach is done digesting starch, the grain cannot proceed to the intestines since it’s stuck with the meat.

Single out the fruit

Another important tip to remember is that fruit always go first and is best when eaten alone. A great way to boost your morning is homemade fruit salad. It gives you sugar and tons of vitamins and minerals to improve your immunity and organ function.

Go crazy with greens

Leafy greens on the other hand must always be present in your meals. Swap your starch with a tasty and nourishing salad instead. Of course, preparation cannot be limited to salads. Make some crispy kale chips or healthy Mexican vegetable wraps.

Remember the 234 time lengths

Before you consume another type of food, be sure to wait an adequate amount of time to allow the previous food to exit the stomach. What you need to remember is that fruits take 2 hours, starch in 3 hours, and meat in 4 hours. This method will surely keep you full throughout the day without having to feel bloated and uncomfortable.

These are just the basic ideas that you should remember since optimum food combination is much more technical. I suggest that you try these simple methods first then you can upgrade to the more complex version.